Title banner representing that this page displays the available animals (other than dogs and cats) of movie animal company Paws For Effect. Background shows feet of various animals (Paws For Effect logo) and text read "OTHER ANIMALS".

We work with a talented ensemble of livestock, birds, reptiles, bugs, critters and animals.  With our diverse cast of animal actors, we offer the perfect companions to enhance any film or photoshoot production.


Cute red and white guinea pig wearing a tiny black and gold sombrero.
Guinea Pigs
Trained brown rabbit actor sits up on cue for a shoot.
Brown Rabbits
Trained charcoal colored rabbit on top of hutch.
Charcoal Rabbits
Trained white duck with orange beak sits on grass.
Trained peacock stands outside with tail down.
Two regal black swans with red beaks swim in a small pond.
Black Swans
Beautiful white swan swims in small pond.
White Swans
Closeup of beautiful pink Flamingo standing in a pond with other famingoes in the background.
Trained white & brown goat stands outside.
White movie goat stands in pen. Other goats in background.
Trained large pink pig stands near horse trailer.
Brown Jersey cow stands in front of barn.
Jersey Cows
Black and white Holstein dairy cow in grass field.
Holstein Cows
Black steer with impressive horns standing in grass field.
Trained dark bay movie horse stands outside.
Trained chestnut movie horse stands outside.
Trained white movie horse stands outside.
Trained black movie horse stands outside.